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Can you please tell me via a code sample how I can write a C# program that will call
the Google+ API and Custom Search API of Google.

I know there is a brief description of it on :::::


But the process mentioned in the links in doing the above as given in the documentation is
not very clear.
Is there a simple illustration through C# code that I can use to call Google+ API and Custom
Search API?

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The Google API Dotnet Client project contains .NET wrappers form most of Google's APIs, including Google+.

They do have several examples but not for all of their APIs, yet.

A Google+ example from their page to query for public activities is:

CommandLine.DisplayGoogleSampleHeader("PlusService API");     

// Create the service.             
var objService= new PlusService();
objService.Key = ""; //put in user key.

var acts = objService.Activities.Search();
acts.Query = "super cool";
acts.MaxResults = 10;

var searchResults = acts.Fetch();

if (searchResults.Items != null)
   foreach (Activity feed in searchResults.Items)
      //extract any property of uer interest
      CommandLine.WriteResult(feed.Title, feed.Actor);
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