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I tried to create PL/SQL script that would update my table with column size. My table looks like this:

| ID | TEXT | SIZE |
| 1  | .... | null |
| 2  | .... | null |
| 3  | .... | null |

I want the PL/SQL script to fill the size column depending of the length of text for a certain document and then delete the contents of the TEXT column.

Here's what I've tried:

cursor s1 is select id from table where size is null; 
BEGIN  for d1 in s1 loop
    update table set size = (select length(TEXT) from table where id = d1) where id=d1;  
end loop; 
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Unless there is a good reason, do this in pure SQL (or put the following statement into PL/SQL):

SET size = LENGTH(text),
    text = NULL

This is both easier to read and faster.

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Yes ofcourse, dunno why I went the PL/SQL way:) – Marko Apr 13 '12 at 8:05

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