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In my rails application I have following models

  belongs_to :account
  belongs_to :agent
  belongs_to :program

And here is the query i used to get data

def self.efficiency_report(starts=nil, ends=nil)
sql = "SELECT p.abbreviation,,
        FROM transactions t
        inner join accounts a on t.account_id =
        inner join programs p on a.program_id =
        inner join agents ag on t.agent_id =
        Group by ," 

def self.result_array(sql)
  conn = ActiveRecord::Base.connection
  res = conn.execute(sql)
  results = []
    results << r
  return results

I want to render data in view with group by program first then group by agent name under it then miles, like this

    Miles          Date 
    1234           02/12/2012           
    5463           03/12/2012 
    Miles          Date 
    234           02/22/2012           
    344           01/02/2012 

    Miles          Date 
    1234           02/12/2012           
    5463           03/12/2012 
    Miles          Date 
    234           02/22/2012           
    344           01/02/2012

For this i m doing following in my view

%h2 Vendor Efficiency Report
- @transactions.group_by(&:row[0]).sort.each { |data, transaction|
%h2= data.row[0]
- transaction.group_by(&:row[1]).sort.each { |data, transaction|
%table#data_table.display{:cellpadding => "0", :cellspacing => "0"}
  %h3{:style => "clear:both;margin-left:10px"}= data.row[1]
      %td.bold{:style => "width:60px;"} Miles
      %td.bold{:style => "width:60px;"} Date
  - for t in transaction
       %td{:style => "width:60px;"}= row[2] 
       %td{:style => "width:60px;"}= row[3]
= will_paginate @transactions

But i m getting this error

wrong argument type String (expected Proc)

Will anyone let me know what i m doing wrong here or is there any other better way for grouping?

Thanks in advance

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The problem is your group_by calls. I'm not sure what &:row[0] is doing, but it's passing a string as argument. I think this is what you're looking for:

@transactions.group_by{ |r| r[0] }...


Just figured out what &:row[0] was doing. It's a call to the Symbol#[] method, which returns the character at the index given (essentially, as if it were aString). The call :row[0] returns the first character of the string "row".

So basically, it was as if you were calling:

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thank you so much, it was a silly mistake :) – Anil D Apr 13 '12 at 9:19
Interesting, I just did some tests: :row[0] gives you the first character of the String "row" (i.e. "r"). Weird. I had never seen that syntax before. – tsherif Apr 13 '12 at 9:24
when we get complete modal in result from action then we can use &: like this "@transactions.group_by(&:payment_date).sort.each { |date, transaction|" where payment_date is once column in transaction – Anil D Apr 13 '12 at 9:29
Oh, it doesn't have to be a model for that to work. The argument you pass just has to be a Symbol that represents a method on the objects in the array. (Actually, if you want the detailed answer, the argument can be anything for which the method to_proc is defined, which is true for symbols, not for strings). Try this: %w[abcd a abc abcdefg abcde].sort_by(&:length) – tsherif Apr 13 '12 at 9:39

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