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I would like to change from underscore template to mustache.js.

Since in mustache.js there are no if statements how can I change this piece of code in order to use mustache.js ?

<% if (done) { %>
<span class="todo-clear">
    <a href="#">
    Clear <span class="number-done"><%= done %></span>
    completed <span class="word-done"><%= done === 1 ? 'item' : 'items' %></span>
<% } %>

My solution is:

        <span class="todo-count">{{ total }}
          <span class="number">{{ remaining }}</span>
          <span class="word"><%= remaining == 1 ? 'item' : 'items' %></span> left.-->
          <span class="hint">
          Drag tasks from one list into another and vice versa.

It works for total variable, because it could be 0 or more, but I have no idea what is the best way to fix it on remaining variable, which could be 1 or more.

<span class="word"><%= remaining == 1 ? 'item' : 'items' %></span> left.</span>

It should be something like that:

<span class="word">
    {{#remaining}} 'items'  {{/remaining}} 
    {{^remaining}} 'item'  {{/remaining}}

It does not work because remaining could be 1 or more.

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In your view you could make something like this:

Mustache.render(yourTemplate, {
     remaining: items.length > 1 ? true : false
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If your just moving to a new templating framework, I would recommend using handlebars.js. This has support for if statements as follows:

{{#if total}}
  <span>something else</span>
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According to the Handlebars documentation if statements works in this way: If its argument returns false, undefined, null or [] (a "falsy" value), Handlebars will not render the block. But this is equivalent to make {{#total}} and {{^total}} in mustache. – underscore666 Apr 14 '12 at 8:12

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