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I got module nested in a module

Something like that:

module Utilities
  extend ActiveSupport::Concern

  module InstanceMethods
    def fix_text(str, params = {})
      str = Iconv.conv('UTF8', 'LATIN1', str)
      str.gsub!(/\\u([0-9a-z]{4})/) { |s| [$1.to_i(16)].pack("U") }
      str = strip_html(str) unless params[:no_strip_html]
      MojiBake::Mapper.new.recover str

    def strip_html(str)
      Hpricot(str, :xhtml => true).to_plain_text

I didnt found on a internet information how to test module in the module.

Please write some pseudo-code for this spec (order of describe and module blocks, how to test if module extend other module etc).

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There is no additionnal constraint when you test a module. Specing/stubbing foolows the usual rules. I can't understand what you expect as an answer –  apneadiving Apr 13 '12 at 9:58
Actually I'm newbie in RSpec. Can you write some pseudo-code how to test that module? –  nothing-special-here Apr 13 '12 at 10:17

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require 'spec_helper'

class Foo
  include Utilities

describe Utilities do
  it 'should pass' do
    foo = Foo.new
    foo.strip_text(arg).should == expected

You need to change arg and expected variables

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