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I want to login into a website using JSOUP and the login is done using post request.

For login , I wrote the code:

Document doc = Jsoup.connect("http://www.mysite.com/home")
  .data("username", "myusername")
  .data("pass", "mypassword")

I am able to redirect to the homepage of the website , which I confirmed by printing the HTML by the below code.


Now the website has made enhanced security features , after user login then instead of redirecting it to the homepage, they are redirecting to the page which ask for the answer of the security question.

And after filling the answer in the textbox and clicking on the submit button , it redirects the user to the homepage.

Now when I am trying the same thing through JSOUP, the same above code redirects me to the security question page.

How I can fill the answer of the security question and get redirected to the homepage?

How I can achieve this? Thanks in advance.

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its depend of logic on security question page. Of its use simple form POST or even GET, you can simulate the answer request with Jsoup too –  vacuum Apr 13 '12 at 11:01
@vaccum - I tried but still its not working. –  vikiiii Apr 16 '12 at 4:30
firs of all - post your example of request, that cames after you filling the answer –  vacuum Apr 17 '12 at 9:13
open page where you filling the security answer and watch what request goes to the sever when you press "submit" button. With FireBug for example, or with Chrome built-in tool(F12) –  vacuum Apr 17 '12 at 10:06
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Download Firebug as others have suggested and open (and Enable) the NET panel. Submit the security question form on the website you're accessing, and watch for a POST request in Firebug. You can replicate this request as you've done above, and Jsoup should return the resulting response.

I've never used the .post() method of Jsoup, but I've always had success when connecting this way:

Document resultPage;

try {
    resultPage = Jsoup.connect("http://urlHere/")
} catch (IOException e) {

Hope it helps!

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You can use a hidden iframe to load the security question page and fill the answers using js in the page, It ll be little complicated, as you have to get security answer also from user first, before trying to login. It is possible to do, but i ll say its a bad design,

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