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Please help me how to import facebook comments to disqus? is it possible?

code for disqus is

<script type="text/javascript">
            var disqus_shortname = 'pagename';
            var disqus_identifier = '{/literal}{$article_id}{literal}';
            var disqus_url = '{/literal}{$article_permalink}{literal}';
            (function() {
            var dsq = document.createElement('script'); dsq.type = 'text/javascript'; dsq.async = true;
            dsq.src = 'http://' + disqus_shortname + '.disqus.com/embed.js';
            (document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0] || document.getElementsByTagName('body')[0]).appendChild(dsq);
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any body tell me is it possible??? –  Bilal Rabi Apr 13 '12 at 10:16
You can do that manually using the Graph API to export your Facebook comments, then import them to Disqus. (c) stackoverflow.com/a/5661417/550451 –  Anton Babenko May 21 '12 at 20:30

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