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I want to create a document with several pages and with one wpf window depicted on each page.

I managed to print one window using PrintDialog and PrintVisual. However this seem to only work with one single page? Any ideas how I can build a document with several pages and print the complete set.

Can I insert that visual (referred in code) and insert it as a page in a document and print it after that?

Is approach really bad? Is there som other way to solve this problem?

      Sub Print (Dim ele As FrameWorkElement)
            Dim margin As Double = 30
            Dim titlePadding As Double = 10

            Dim printDlg As PrintDialog = New PrintDialog()
            printDlg.PrintTicket.PageOrientation = PageOrientation.Landscape
            If (printDlg.ShowDialog() <> True) Then Return

            Dim formattedText As FormattedText = New FormattedText(Name, CultureInfo.GetCultureInfo("en-us"),
                                                            FlowDirection.LeftToRight, New Typeface("Verdana"), 25, Brushes.Black)

            formattedText.MaxTextWidth = printDlg.PrintableAreaWidth

            Dim scale As Double = Math.Min(printDlg.PrintableAreaWidth / (ele.ActualWidth + (Margin * 2)),
                                    (printDlg.PrintableAreaHeight - (formattedText.Height + titlePadding)) / (ele.ActualHeight + (Margin * 2)))

            Dim visual As DrawingVisual = New DrawingVisual()
            Using context As DrawingContext = visual.RenderOpen()

                Dim brush As VisualBrush = New VisualBrush(ele)
                context.DrawRectangle(brush, Nothing, New Rect(New Point(margin, margin + formattedText.Height + titlePadding),
                                                            New Size(ele.ActualWidth, ele.ActualHeight)))

                context.DrawText(formattedText, New Point(margin, margin))
            End Using
            visual.Transform = New ScaleTransform(scale, scale)
            printDlg.PrintVisual(visual, "")
     End Sub
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You want to create a FixedDocument with multiple FixedPages.


How to create a new document and single page.

var pageSize = new Size(8.26 * 96, 11.69 * 96); // A4 page, at 96 dpi
var document = new FixedDocument();
document.DocumentPaginator.PageSize = pageSize;

// Create FixedPage
var fixedPage = new FixedPage();
fixedPage.Width = pageSize.Width;
fixedPage.Height = pageSize.Height;
// Add visual, measure/arrange page.
fixedPage.Arrange(new Rect(new Point(), pageSize));

// Add page to document
var pageContent = new PageContent();

// Send to the printer.
var pd = new PrintDialog();
pd.PrintDocument(document.DocumentPaginator, "My Document");

Written in C#, however you should be able to convert to VB.


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Thank you! It worked out nice with a little tweaking. –  picknick Apr 13 '12 at 11:34
What is internalPage supposed to reference? –  Michael Bromley Mar 4 at 11:14
@MichaelBromley, I have updated the sample. It was a copy/paste error, internalPage should have been fixedPage. –  Dennis Mar 4 at 13:39
Ah, I guessed so. I managed to use your code anyway (figuring out the error for myself), so thanks a lot! Saved me a lot of time pursuing much more complex solutions. –  Michael Bromley Mar 4 at 15:16
@MichaelBromley. You're welcome. It took me a lot of work/investigation when I first did this work a few years ago. –  Dennis Mar 5 at 0:42

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