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I`m working on a shopping cart. I have problems with POST data only in FireFox.

There is a link - Cart, which opens the shopping cart (cart.php) in FancyBox and in the Cart there is a submit button, which sends data to customize.php using $.ajax.

Problem starts here - if setting in Jquery to get each variables and values by hand, then it collects the post data, but if using serialize() then the POST data is empty. This happens only in FireFox.

I`m using these parameters for $.ajax type: 'post', url: 'customize.php', data: $('#cart-form').serialize()

I tried print_r($_POST) and only Chrome and even (ha ha) IE9 collected data. Smth is wrong with FireFox and FancyBox when using $.ajax and serialize() and I can't figured out.

Any ideas?


$("#customize").live('click', function() { // ID of the button


        type        : "POST",
        url         : "customize.php",
        data        : $('#cart-form').serialize(), // And it IS the ID
                                                   // of the form
        success     : function(data) {             

    return false;





The problem is not with the selector, because it`s working on every other browser - they collect the data. This happens only in FireFox when using FancyBox with AJAX requests.

Output in FireFox:

Array ( )

Output in Chrome and IE9:

Array ( [foo] => 123 [bar] => 456 )

If I take $.('form') as selector, It shows variables and values from parent page (if there are any).

Same happens if I use serializeArray() - no difference.

If I access cart.php directly without FancyBox, then the data is sent and everything is OK.

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You need to show the smallest page and smallest javascript code you make us, where you have this problem.. – Konerak Apr 13 '12 at 10:22
can you post some code? also try double checking your selector that you are using $.serialize() on - it should be a form element. – jammypeach Apr 13 '12 at 10:23
lol Zaylril opened and closed this a month ago. what happends when you use serializearray? – JP Hellemons Apr 13 '12 at 11:01

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