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Trying to start passenger standalone with passenger start -p 80 and it's saying its already running but when i do a passenger stop -p 80i getAccording to the PID file '/var/crm/tmp/pids/passenger.80.pid', Phusion Passenger Standalone doesn't seem to be running. But it clearly is not because when i try stop it, it says its not running and i cant access it from the web

[root@technetium crm]# passenger start -p 80
*** ERROR ***
The address is already in use by another process, perhaps another
Phusion Passenger Standalone instance.

If you want to run this Phusion Passenger Standalone instance on another port,
use the -p option, like this:

  passenger start -p 81
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try running lsof or netstat -tlnp | grep 80 to determine which application is using port 80. Once you have that figured out you can do something like ps -elf to kill that process.

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