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I have created one stored procedure and its functioning well, what I am wanting is right now there is only one SQL statement in the stored procedure which is returning the expected values, can I add multiple SQL statements which will be resulting multiple vlues. Please let me know.

Here is my stored procedure

CREATE PROCEDURE amazonall(IN client_ids INT(11))
SELECT SUM(total_inserted) into ti from log_amazon_import  where client_id = client_ids and date_format(created_date,'%Y-%m-%d') between DATE_SUB(CURDATE(),INTERVAL 1 WEEK) and CURDATE();
END //

and also please let me know how can I access those return values, thanks in advance.

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"query" the call "fetch" the result, as with every normal query. – Rufinus Apr 13 '12 at 10:54
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Yes, you can. If you want to return multiple records - just return the data set.

  • Populate (temporary) tables and read them after.
  • Just run SELECT statements (without INTO) and read data set in the application, I know that mysqli extension allows it (functions: more_results, next_result, ...).
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