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I am using a regulear expression im mysql like this

select * from table1 where
REGEXP '[[:<:]]1.1[[:>:]]'

The query shows results, whose name field has value 1.1.1 also. Like this

pk  name
5   1.1
6   1.1.1

but I need to match only 1.1

Any ideas?

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select * from table1 where
REGEXP '^1.1$'

makes sure that only 1.1 is allowed (but also 1X1 or 111 because the dot matches any character - if you want to match a literal dot, use ^1\.1$).

Of course, now there's the question why you'd want to use a regex at all since it's just a literal string you're matching, not a variable pattern.

Your regex failed because you were using start-/end-of-word anchors that match between alphanumeric characters and non-alphanumerics (or start/end of string), and since [[:>:]] matches between 1 and ., the regex matched 1.1.1 at least partially.

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