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Might be a noobish question (most likely) but according to the official developer documents GWT's HTML widget is not XSS safe and one must exercise caution when embedding custom HTML/Script text.

So i guess my question is, why does this:

HTML testLabel = new HTML("dada<script type='text/javascript'>document.write('<b>Hello World</b>');</script>");

Not show a javascript popup? If somehow, GWT's HTML widget does protect from XSS attacks then in what types of situations does it not (so i can know what to expect)?

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see similar post here: SafeHTml – Shehzad Apr 13 '12 at 11:21
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GWT documentation contains few articles about security (including dealing with XSS using SafeHtml).

Your example doesn't work because scripts defined via innerHTML doesn't get executed in Chrome/Firefox(i think there were some workaround for IE using defer attribute).

But you shouldn't rely on this browser restriction.. So it is better to use SafeHtml and always validate inputs from users.

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Perfect, thanks. – user1021138 Apr 13 '12 at 12:55

I don't know about this widget in particular, but in general it is worth knowing that XSS vectors come in many many flavours. Only a small percentage actually use the script tag.

One very important factor is that they are location-dependent. For example, a string that is xss-safe outside any tags, may not be safe inside a tag's attribute value, or within a delimited string that is inside a javascript block.

They can also be browser-dependent, as many exploit 'bugs' in the document parsing model.

To get a sense of the variety of different vectors that can be abused to produce malicious javascript injection, please see these two cheat sheets

I also recommend you read the prevention cheat sheet at owasp

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Thank you very much, extremelly helpfull language-agnostic resources! – user1021138 Apr 13 '12 at 11:26

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