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I'm writing a JS Array of Objects in a Freemarker template... but I am having serious issues not including a comma after the last item... I'm only a day into learning Freemarker... this would be alot easier in XSLT!!!

<#assign pages = module.pages.page>
wh.pages = [
<#list pages as page>
{"name" : "${page.@name}", "href" : "${page.@href}"}
<#if (index+1) < pages?size>,</#if>

So during the list repeat, while index + 1 is less than the length/size of the pages variable write a comma. So that when it equals the size we ommit the comma... simples?

So why does it not work? Testing shows that it doesn't really like index... but I've used that before in a list already?!?!

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freemarker.sourceforge.net/docs/ref_directive_list.html Not how I'd do it, their example seems cleaner. –  Dave Newton Apr 13 '12 at 11:16
Yes that too... was unaware of the "_has_next" function. Was trying to do it old school. Shame you didn't put that as an answer, would of accepted it. –  Will Hancock Apr 13 '12 at 11:33

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Try with item_has_next

In your example:

<#if pages_has_next>,</#if> 
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Index has to be prefixed with your item name;

<#if (index+1) < pages?size>,</#if>

should have been

<#if (page_index+1) < pages?size>,</#if>
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