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I have a model :

[Range(1, 24, ErrorMessage = "Invalid Hour")]
public int val1{ get; set; }

[Required(AllowEmptyStrings = true)]
public string val2 { get; set; }

I have a edit action also I have view page. There are 2 textboxes val1.text, val2.text if I write fill view form (I am not writing any value on val1) return InvalidHour. I want to give ability to set empty value (not writing something on val1). PROBLEM on val1 return Invalid Hour when empty! can i give empty?

How to do it?

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You can make it a nullable int

[Range(1, 24, ErrorMessage = "Invalid Hour")]
public int? val1{ get; set; }
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Integer is a primitive data type. Try to make it nullable with int?

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