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I have created a document in ravendb. Using session.advanced.getmetadata(see in code) , i gave a name to Raven-Entity-Name in metadata, after that i deleted that document in same function.Then i saw collection is also removed.If i delete the document manually from raven studio then the collection remains in the database.How a collection persist even if there is no document from code part? thanks in advance !!

My c# code is :

public CreateCollectionResult CreateCollection(string databaseName, string collectionName)
        CreateCollectionResult createCollectionResult = new CreateCollectionResult();

        Collection collection1234 = new Collection();
            using (var session = documentStore.OpenSession(databaseName))
                Guid guid = new Guid("12345678-1111-1111-2222-000000000000");
                session.Store(collection1234, guid, "april-Days/10");
                session.Advanced.GetMetadataFor<Collection>(collection1234)[Constants.RavenEntityName] = collectionName;
                createCollectionResult.IsOperationSuccessfull = true;
        //exception if database not found
        catch (InvalidOperationException ex)
            createCollectionResult.IsOperationSuccessfull = false;
            createCollectionResult.Error = ex;
        return createCollectionResult;
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In RavenDB, collections are virtual, they are only there as long as you have at least one doc in that document.

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thank you so much :) –  Ritchie john Apr 16 '12 at 4:25

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