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I have a type IRoleRepository which accepts a constructor argument "database" which accepts a type of IDbRepository which itself takes a constructor argument "ConnectionStringName". I have a dependency resolver which has a GetService method and while the following code works I was hoping there would be better way to do this at Bind time vs at Get time with Ninject 3.0. Note I may have multiple IDBRepository instances each with their own "ConnectionStringName".

_repository = EngineContext.Current.GetService<IRoleRepository>(
                        new ConstructorArgument("database",
                                new ConstructorArgument(SystemConstants.ConnectionStringName, SystemConstants.ConfigurationDatabase))));
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You can use WithConstructorArgument to specify the constructor arguments together with the binding.


or use ToConstructor()

    x => new DbRepository(
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but my IDbRepository may take a number of connectionStringName that is, I may have multiple IDbRepository Bindings each for a ConfigDB, ContentDB, DiagnosticDb, etc –  Todd Carter Apr 13 '12 at 13:56
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OK I believe I found what I wanted:

By using this at Bind Time:

            .WithConstructorArgument(SystemConstants.ConnectionStringName, SystemConstants.ConfigurationDatabase);

This allows me to use this at Get time:

_repository = EngineContext.Current.GetService<IRoleRepository>();

This of course means I can now vary the constructor argument for IDbRepository based upon the more specific repository which the IDbRepository is being injected. eg:

                .WithConstructorArgument(SystemConstants.ConnectionStringName, SystemConstants.ConfigurationDatabase);

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