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I'm trying to get a cascading parameter in SSRS 2008 to always select all available values by default, though when the parent parameter is updated and the child parameter contains new values these are not selected by default.

This issue is highlighted in the link below with some suggested workarounds, though I don't understand how to apply them to my report: http://connect.microsoft.com/SQLServer/feedback/details/268032/default-does-not-get-refreshed-for-cascading-parameters

I currently have three parameters:
- Week commencing
- Site
- Group

The available values in the group parameter are dependent on the week commencing value and site value like so:

SELECT      GroupCode,
FROM        tblGroup            
                       FROM     tblSessions
                      WHERE     StartDate BETWEEN @WeekCommencing   
                                          AND DATEADD(dd, 6, @WeekCommencing)
                                AND Location Like @Site
                                AND GroupCode = tblGroup.GroupCode)
ORDER BY    GroupDescription

Any suggestions on how I could apply the workarounds to the above is greatly appreciated.

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