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I used iAd framework for add ad on screen. I done with this by below code. but I want ad in UIAertview. When UIAlertview comes user should be view company ad in that.

-(void)bannerViewDidLoadAd:(ADBannerView *)banner
    if (!self.bannerIsVisible) {
        [UIView beginAnimations:@"animatesAdBannerOn" context:NULL];
        banner.frame = CGRectOffset(banner.frame, 0, -banner.frame.size.height);             [UIView commitAnimations];
        self.bannerIsVisible = YES;

- (void)bannerView:(ADBannerView *)banner didFailToReceiveAdWithError:(NSError *)error
          if (!self.bannerIsVisible) 
              [UIView beginAnimations:@"animatesAdBannerOff" context:NULL];
              banner.frame = CGRectOffset(banner.frame, 0, banner.frame.size.height); //rect, dx,dy
              [UIView commitAnimations];
              self.bannerIsVisible = NO;

I know we can customized UIAlertview. But not getting how to add iAd view in that. If anyone know's help me.

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You should not add subviews to a UIAlertView. Apple engineers have stated on numerous occasions at WWDC that this is bad and not officially supported. – Mike Weller Apr 13 '12 at 13:43
For the love of UX, please do not do this! IIRC, iAds need to be visible for 30 seconds to generate revenue anyway. – greg Apr 13 '12 at 15:40
If you want iAd to appear in an "alert" sort of manner, use another class, and add it as a subview to that. – stackOverFlew Jul 13 '13 at 6:14
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If I'm understanding you correctly, you want to create an ad for your own company? You wouldn't use iAd for this, as with iAd you have very little control over which advertisement is pushed to your banner. However you can make a new view with whatever you want in it (advertisement wise) and add it as a subview of your UIAlertView. Now I am saying you CAN do this, but you probably shouldn't. Modification of an alertView in this way will most likely be rejected by Apple.

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