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Hey so I've got 20 circles displayed on a screen, I want the user to be able to select only two circles and be able to unselect circles but still only have maximum 2 circles selected. I know how to allow it to only select two circles at a time but not unselect AND how to unselect when only one circle is allowed, I'm just confused now.

This code allows only two circles to be selected but I cannot unselect the circles

Figur vald1 = null, vald2 = null;

Figur fig = (Figur)mev.getSource();

if (vald1 == null){
            vald1 = fig;
            else if (vald2 == null && fig1 != vald1){
            vald2 = fig;

and this code allows me to select one circle at a time, and unselect it but not select two circles

if (vald1 != null)

        if (vald1 == fig)
        vald1 = null;
        vald1 = fig;
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I can't figure out what you are asking. –  Skip Head Apr 13 '12 at 14:23

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Like this:

Figur vald1 = null, vald2 = null;

Figur fig = (Figur)mev.getSource();

vald1 = vald2;
vald2 = fig;

Now vald1 and vald2 hold the 2 more recent circles, with vald1 being the older of the two.

You could also use a list, that way you can do as many as you like:

List<Figur> selected = new ArrayList<Figur>();
final static NUM_TO_KEEP = 2;

Figur fig = (Figur)mev.getSource();


// This trims the list to only maintain the NUM_TO_KEEP elements.
while(selected.length() > NUM_TO_KEEP) {
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I think you answered the question. –  Youssef G. Apr 13 '12 at 14:27
thank you :DDDD –  user1331723 Apr 13 '12 at 15:30

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