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It seems that WMD-Editor is posting HTML to the server instead of the markdown. How can i get it to send the Markdown?

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In the master branch of the SO version, the interesting line is line 2341:

Attacklab.wmd_defaults = {version:1, output:"HTML", lineLength:40, delayLoad:false};

Change this to ask for markdown instead:

Attacklab.wmd_defaults = {version:1, output:"markdown", lineLength:40, delayLoad:false};

.. and you'll get the Markdown instead.

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Awesome, Thanks you have no clue how useful this was. –  Sid Nov 10 '10 at 17:40

In my version (mooWMD) you have to change the value at line 1343 from 'html' to 'markdown'.
I believe it is the same for the SO version (look for the 'output' configuration value).

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