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RedBeanPHP uses class naming convention to tie a model to a table. I can't abide by that naming convention since I have a project where table names aren't set in stone. I need a way to connect a RedBean_SimpleModel to a table name without the naming convention - How do I do that?

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OK, I found one solution while going through the API documentation. I can set my own "Model Formatter", which just means that I can create a class that is given the responsibility of connecting the name of a table with the name of a class. My RedBean setup code now looks like this:

# Redbean


# Set custom model formatter
class CustomRedBeanModelFormatter implements RedBean_IModelFormatter
    public function formatModel($model)
            case foo\bar\OmniDataManager::TABLE_DATA:
                return 'foo\bar\OmniDataModel';
            case foo\bar\OmniDataManager::TABLE_GROUP:
                return 'foo\bar\OmniDataGroupModel';
                return false;
$customRedBeanModelFormatter = new CustomRedBeanModelFormatter();

It's a bit of an ugly solution. I would much rather be able to do something like this:

RedBean_ModelHelper::setModelForTable($modelName, $tableName);

For that reason I will hold off on marking this as the correct answer for a while.

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