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Why does the javascript function encodeURIComponent encode spaces to the hex unicode value %20 insteady of +. Should uri parameters not spaces to +?

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Spaces encode to %20, I believe that's their ASCII character code.

However, developers have taken a shine to encoding spaces to + because it generates URLs that are readable and typeable by human beings.

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Using the + sign as a space is for historical reasons. The CGI back then enabled web-servers to use normal command line programs as "web applications". Within the scripting-world of command line programs most interpreters/shell-languages had space separated lists of values like

items = (A beautiful world)
foreach( item in $items ) echo "* $item"

Call such a "list render application" from command line:

render-list A beautiful world

Call the same "list render application" over http and a webserver:


For the most use-cases the meaning of the + sign would be kind of an item- or term-separator in the value of an parameter. And that is exacly the area where i recommend using it today.

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The + is not recognised as a space in all uses of a URI for example try using this link:-


The subject line still has the + whereas:-



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As a general rule, file paths should have spaces encoded as %20. Query string parameters should have spaces encoded as +.

For example: http://www.example.com/a%20file.ext?name=John+Doe

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