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Which frameworks would you recommend for writing unit tests for multithreading code in Java? Like, for example, when you have a program that is supposed to execute a bunch of threads with several allowed paths of executions and certain excluded paths (like "executable unit 1, 2 and 3 can run in parallel, at least two should be run in parallel, and 4 always has to run after 3").

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I suggest reading about JUnit @Rule to use them for concurrency tests.

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I recommend ContiPerf2 since it is a very easy to use framework. Although I do not think it will provide the possibility to declare execution pathes or something like that.

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You can use parametrized JUnit tests, as described here:

But you will need to program thread logic yourself, for example by using different thread pools.

You can take a look at pathfinder ( if you want to prove that your code is thread safe.

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This thread describes some general approaches to testing concurrent code.

Designing a Test class for a custom Barrier

For specific frameworks, tempus-fugit has some JUnit rules to run things in parallel but as suggested above, you're tests will likely have to include more logic.

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