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i am trying to move mouse cursor using finger coordinate in opencv. i am not able to scale it to entire screen size which 1366*768. my webcam resolution is 640*480. my mouse pointer moves only to half of the screen. i do not know why.

this is the function call:


and this is the implementation:

void Mouse_Move(DWORD dx,DWORD dy)

DWORD event=0;


mouse_event(event, dx*65535/Get_ScreenWidth(), dy*65535/Get_ScreenHight(), 0, 0);


this is my code segment. mouse_pointer.x and mouse_pointer.y are the coordinate of my fore-finger.

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What is mouse_event()? Doesn't look like an OpenCV function. Actually nothing here seems remotely related to OpenCV. – karlphillip Apr 13 '12 at 17:03

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