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I am from Indonesia.. I have a table in database which it's name tb_schedule that contains 3 fields: id_schedule, time_start(time), time_finish(time). Ex: 10, 08:00:00, 09:45:00 ..etc

In my php, i have time variable that taken from pc's time. Ex: $timeNow='08:10:00'; My problem is I can't find a right query that take all records that contains time_start<=time_pc<=time_finish. Ex: 08:00:00<=$timeNow<=09:45:00 Please help me.. Thank you before..

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Try this:

SELECT * FROM tb_Schedule WHERE time_start <= '08:10:00' AND
                                time_finish >= '08:10:00';

Where '08:10:00' is the value of your $timeNow variable.

Here's an SQL Fiddle so that you can play with the queries:!2/187a0/1

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WHERE $timeNow BETWEEN '08:00:00' AND '09:45:00';
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Please state what is time_pc and define $timeNow properly. Also, tell me what query statements you have considered and I will see what i can do

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