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i want to play an audio or video file, and i made this but i do not know how i can check whether media element is playing file or not? Like using same button for Pause and Play how i can know that media is also playing file or not? i use below code to play the file

mediaElement1.LoadedBehavior = MediaState.Manual;
                mediaElement1.Source = new Uri("C:/test.wma", UriKind.RelativeOrAbsolute);

And one more thing i know how to play file in media element by code. I want to to design media element UI. how i can design this for both video and audio files? what properties should enable and what should be disable.

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Last I checked you can't unless you are using Silverlight:

I have an application using .Net 4 and as far I can remember you cannot verify if it is playing, stopped, paused, etc.

This is what you can do with .Net 4:

Compared with Silverlight:

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