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I created a input element with jQuery like that:

var element = $('<input />', {
  name: name1,
  id: id1,
  type: 'text'

And I want to return the DOM element associated with it. However, element is not a DOM (yet). How can I transform it to DOM element?

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You have not attached it to the DOM tree but the underlying DOM element exists already. –  Felix Kling Apr 13 '12 at 15:03

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You could use element[0] or element.get(0).

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jQuery returns an array-like object of DOM elements. Using the array indexer will always allow you to get a specific element, like so:

var domElement = element[0];

Alternatively, jQuery provides a function just for that, .get:

var domElement = element.get(0);
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you can check this solutions to use maybe a DOM parser. Converting HTML string into DOM elements?

or just use some native javascript functions. Creating a new DOM element from an HTML string using built-in DOM methods or prototype

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