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I got a method that uses hibernate to connect to DB and retrieve the data. The method works fine when executed as standalone java app. However when I try to deploy it on tomcat and invoke as a web service I get an error as below. My method is the first and the only place where DB connection is being established, i.e. I'm not defining any datasources within tomcat.

No Hibernate Session bound to thread, and configuration does not allow creation 
of non-transactional one here

My hibernate config file:

<bean id="mySessionFactory" class="org.springframework.orm.hibernate3.annotation.AnnotationSessionFactoryBean">
    <property name="dataSource" ref="myDataSource" />
    <property name="exposeTransactionAwareSessionFactory" value="true" />
    <property name="hibernateProperties">
            <prop key="hibernate.dialect">org.hibernate.dialect.HSQLDialect</prop>
            <prop key="hibernate.show_sql">true</prop>
            <prop key="">none</prop>
            <prop key="hibernate.statement_cache.size">10</prop>
            <prop key="hibernate.c3p0.min_size">1</prop>                
            <prop key="hibernate.c3p0.max_size">10</prop>
            <prop key="hibernate.connection.autocommit">false</prop>
            <prop key="hibernate.default_schema">${mydbSchema}</prop>
            <prop key="hibernate.current_session_context_class">thread</prop>        
            <prop key="hibernate.transaction.manager_lookup_class">com.atomikos.icatch.jta.hibernate3.TransactionManagerLookup</prop>                

I'm using the following hibernate modules:

hibernate-annotations 3.4.0.GA, hibernate-core 3.3.1.GA, hibernate, hibernate-commons-annotations 3.1.0.GA

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What are you doing to manage the Hibernate session for the web service calls? – MarkOfHall Apr 13 '12 at 16:27
Not sure I understand but maybe I should :). I'm using spring and got the data source and the session factory defined as spring beans. Is that what you are asking about? – Ya. Apr 13 '12 at 19:32

Your method needs to be called in a transaction. Or your method needs to use a transaction.

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If the class implementing server-side web-service is a Spring bean, simply surround method accessing the database with @Transactional. If this is not the case, add that annotation to some other Spring bean that works as an intermediary between WS and DAO.

If @Transactional does not work for you, you can always use TransactionTemplate.

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Eric, Tomasz - I get this error right when I call getCurrentSession() on the SessionFactory object. So I cannot even create a session. And I can't create a transaction without a session. – Ya. Apr 13 '12 at 19:23
Tomasz - I tried adding @Transactional but to no effect. – Ya. Apr 13 '12 at 19:25

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