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I am using bb-code in a Rails application for postings and comments. At the moment, I have the following to put a post's content in a view:

<%= @post.content.bbcode_to_html.html_safe.gsub('<a', '<a rel="nofollow"') %>

What is the best way to convert the bb-code to html and add "nofollow" to all links?


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The bb-ruby gem you are using allows for using custom BBCode translations passed as parameters to the bbcode_to_html method. However, if you really want ALL links to contain the rel="nofollow", I think your best bet is going to be monkey patching them gem itself. Based on the BBRuby source, you want to do this:

module BBRuby
  @@tags = @@tags.merge({
    'Link' => [
      '<a href="\1" rel="nofollow">\2</a>',
      'Hyperlink to somewhere else',
      'Maybe try looking on [url=http://google.com]Google[/url]?',
    'Link (Implied)' => [
      '<a href="\1" rel="nofollow">\1</a>',
      'Hyperlink (implied)',
      "Maybe try looking on [url]http://google.com[/url]",
    'Link (Automatic)' => [
      ' <a href="\2" rel="nofollow">\2</a>',
      'Hyperlink (automatic)',
      'Maybe try looking on http://www.google.com',

This will rewrite the BBRuby translator to always include a nofollow attribute. I would put this in config/initializers with a descriptive filename such as bbruby_nofollow_monkeypatch.rb

As for the html_safe, I would leave that as is. As I understand it that is a preferred way of doing it and in my opinion it keeps your intent clear. The above monkey patch makes the line in your view more readable:

<%= @post.content.bbcode_to_html.html_safe %>
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That works, thanks! As I am still quite new to Rails, it is interesting to see how monkey patching of gems is possible. –  The_Fritz Apr 30 '12 at 7:30
Not a problem, but just so you know you have to manually award me the bounty: stackoverflow.com/faq#bounty –  Paul Simpson Apr 30 '12 at 15:49

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