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I have tried to many javascript plugins but finally had to post this question. Which is the best way to upload files using PHP CodeIgniter framework & Ajax ?

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if you google "ajax file upload", you will find tons of result. – safarov Apr 13 '12 at 15:53
unless you are only targeting modern browsers you're stuck with flash for "ajax" style uploading unless you use an iframe. – dstarh Apr 13 '12 at 15:54
@safarov I have already tried a lot of times. This one was best but it work only if we have jquery 1.2 version. and current version of jquery is 1.7… – aslamdoctor Apr 13 '12 at 15:55
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I use Plupload for everything now. Because it is mostly client side driven it runs on any almost any webbrowser and platform(.net,php,etc)

It uses clever ways of detecting browser compatibility; It tries to inject Flash objects or silverlight into the client to allow for functionality such as chunked uploads allowing for uploads greater than 2gb, with speed(kb/s), queue management, etc.

This is truly an amazing uploader.. but it is so under exposed that it took me years to find this. And now my sites (with a bit of perfectionist work) look like Google or Facebook styled uploaders.. FOR FREE!

enter image description here

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required some study but its the best. supports all browsers. thank you. – aslamdoctor Apr 14 '12 at 1:55

I've used with great success in a web app. That was over a year ago, though. I used Kohana, not CI, but it's really agnostic on that matter.

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ajax does not natively support file uploads. you can achieve this by submitting a form to an iframe and reading the response. there are many plugins available which serves the functionality in an organized way.

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use this one : ;)

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hey @afsane, thanks for the plugin but it requires jquery 1.2 only :( – aslamdoctor Apr 14 '12 at 0:51

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