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My files are:


I want to plot them with R.

Usually I do it by this:

files <- list.files()
for (i in 1:length(files)) {
b <- read.table(files[i])
barplot(table(b$V1), main=files[i])

But R plots them in such order:

"CT.BP.200.txt" "CT.BP.500.txt" "CT.BP.50.txt"

"GP.BP.200.txt" "GP.BP.500.txt" "GP.BP.50.txt"

And I want them to be plotted in sorted order:

"CT.BP.50.txt" "CT.BP.200.txt" "CT.BP.500.txt"

"GP.BP.50.txt" "GP.BP.200.txt" "GP.BP.500.txt"

How can I do that?

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Might this do it?

files <- c("Gen.Var_CT.BP.50.txt", "Gen.Var_CT.BP.200.txt", "Gen.Var_CT.BP.500.txt",    "Gen.Var_GP.BP.50.txt", "Gen.Var_GP.BP.200.txt", "Gen.Var_GP.BP.500.txt"){
for (i in 1:length(files)) {
  b <- read.table(files[i])
  barplot(table(b$V1), main=files[i])
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How should I automatically "c" files when there are much more of them (>100) –  Pgibas Apr 13 '12 at 16:15
Oh. It sounded like you just had 6 files. –  Jeff Allen Apr 13 '12 at 16:16

The problem is that list.files() returns the file names in standard (lexically) sorted order, and the digits are being compared position by position rather than as part of a number.

files <- sort(c("Gen.Var_CT.BP.200.txt", "Gen.Var_CT.BP.500.txt", 
                "Gen.Var_CT.BP.50.txt", "Gen.Var_GP.BP.200.txt",
                "Gen.Var_GP.BP.500.txt", "Gen.Var_GP.BP.50.txt"))

On my system, this gives:

> files
[1] "Gen.Var_CT.BP.200.txt" "Gen.Var_CT.BP.50.txt"  "Gen.Var_CT.BP.500.txt"
[4] "Gen.Var_GP.BP.200.txt" "Gen.Var_GP.BP.50.txt"  "Gen.Var_GP.BP.500.txt"

The function gtools::mixedsort will (in general) sort the way you want: series of digits in a string will be treated as numbers for sorting purposes. There is a bit of a snag with your example, though, because mixedsort assumes . are part of numbers and so sees .200. as a potential number, which can't actually be sorted as a number. Since your examples don't have actual decimal points within them, you can get around this.

files <- files[mixedorder(gsub("\\.", " ", files))]

So files is now sorted as:

> files
[1] "Gen.Var_CT.BP.50.txt"  "Gen.Var_CT.BP.200.txt" "Gen.Var_CT.BP.500.txt"
[4] "Gen.Var_GP.BP.50.txt"  "Gen.Var_GP.BP.200.txt" "Gen.Var_GP.BP.500.txt"
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+1 - I didn't know about mixedsort. Thank you for that. –  Dason Apr 13 '12 at 17:04

It looks like you want to sort by particular components of your filename in a particular order.

So I would start by breaking the filename into its components with something like:


then extract columns that you want to sort by.



Then reorder the filenames with something like


Then just plot anyway you want.

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