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I have a question, that is closely related to this one.

As opposed to the example, I also need to transition the innerRadius of the sunburst, hence the innerRadius property of the d3.svg.arc(). I know it has to be done in a similar fashion with respect to the transition of the "d" (with attrTween by storing the old innerRadius) but I didn't managed to do it.

Any suggestion? A code snippet would be great!

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Did you see the pie-transition example in the D3 Git repository? – mbostock Apr 13 '12 at 16:10
I quickly looked at it days ago if I'm not wrong.. I'll take a closer look then. Thanks! – RMinelli Apr 13 '12 at 16:40

When you say "sunburst", do you mean a multi-colored Pie, where all the arcs are different? If so, the example "Multiple D3 Pie Charts Mixed In With Common HTML Layout Constructs" transitions the inner radius while drawing the pie (just search for the word transition in the code).

Another option is to look at this "Sunburst Coffee Flavor Wheel" example, which is more complex but shows how to transition multiple arcs, simultaneously.

I hope it helps.


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