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I need to make a simple spell checker in Java for an application that I am creating and I have searched around and have not found any straight and to the point answers.

How do I make a word in JEditorPane get underlined with a red zig-zag? Like this:

Red zig-zag

Please if any one has any simple and fairly easy to implement ideas please would you share them with me. Maybe even some links to some code.

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You may find this custom editor kit example useful. It shows how to extend StyledEditorKit to add attribute to draw custom underline.

If you're up for a complete solution you can go with Jide's StyledLabel. Check it out here. It should be part of jide-oss - common open source library.

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You can use a custom Highlighter. See Squiggle Painter as an example.

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I use jtstand's editor and SquiggleUnderlineHighlightPainter, which is also based on javax classes. I use it like this:

JTextComponent editor = //... your editor component;
SquiggleUnderlineHighlightPainter sqpainter = new SquiggleUnderlineHighlightPainter(Color.RED);
try {
    editor.getHighlighter().addHighlight(beginPosition, endPosition, sqpainter);
catch (BadLocationException e) {

This should work with any javax.swing.text.JTextComponent, including JEditorPane. See addHighlighter.

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