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I'm guessing I need to implement an NVelocityViewEngine and NVelocityView - but before I do I wanted to check to see if anyone has already done this.

I can't see anything in the trunk for MVCContrib.

I've already seen the post below - I'm looking specifically for something which works with Preview 5:

Otherwise I'll start writing one :)

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There's an NVelocity implementation in MvcContrib. You need to reference the MvcContrib.Castle dll.

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Ahhh - so there is - it's called NVelocityViewFactory rather than NVelocityViewEngine - my oversight. Cheers. –  BigJump Sep 19 '08 at 14:57
Yes, that's a naming convention left over from Preview 2. I think I'll rename it at some point before the next MVC release. –  Jeremy Skinner Sep 19 '08 at 14:58

Personally I don't have a clue about NVelocity, but here is a link that might help you.

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Sadly that's for Preview 4 I think. There were some breaking changes in Preview 5. Thanks anyway. –  BigJump Sep 19 '08 at 13:19

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