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My domain with hosting plan: testing.com Other domains, but without hosting plan: test.com and test2.com All of them buyed on same company, so NS records same.

Maybe DNS type A would help in this situation ?

In short, if someone try to use test.com or test2.com all users would be redirected to testing.com

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Probably belongs to serverfault or webmasters –  Sandman4 Apr 14 '12 at 17:16

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I assume you talking about web-hosting. If your hosting plan is name-based virtualhosting (and that is what you probably have), The answer is: DNS is not enough.

You have two options:

  1. Add multiple domain names to your hosting (most hostings will allow this either for free up to N domains, or for some additional fee or as part of more expensive plan).

  2. Use URL forwarding (aka URL redirection) service, like this one (there are plenty other providers as well).

With both methods, you need appropriate DNS records in your domains, it can probably be handled by either - hosting for option 1, or URL forwarding provider for option 2. Basically you will need A records pointing either to your hosting, or URL forwarding webserver.

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