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I'm trying to port a script from BASH to ASH (Almquist SHell) and am running into a problem with indirect references. The following function

cmd() {
    # first argument is the index to print (ie label)
    # ditch the first argument
    # print the label (via indirect reference)
    echo "${!arg}"

should produce the following output

cmd 1 one two three
cmd 2 one two three
cmd 3 one two three

This works as expected under BASH, but generates a "syntax error: Bad substitution" when run under ASH (or DASH). Should this work? If not, is there an alternative to using indirect references?

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You could try eval:

cmd() {
    eval "echo \$$arg"
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This is almost exactly what I came up with just after posting echo "$(eval echo \$$arg)" –  ctuffli Jun 18 '09 at 20:06

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