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Hi i have save button and submit form, when i click show loading icon when form are not submitted. Please help me, in extjs 4.

   text: save,
   handler: function(){ 
          /sucess or failure code here; 
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Please re-form your question. It's not clear what exactly are you asking for. – sha Apr 13 '12 at 18:21
  • First you need a gif file for "waiting icon" with appropriate size.
  • Then you create a css class for your "Save" button in waiting status. For example:
.save-waiting {
    background-image: url("url-to-your-waiting-gif-file");
  • Finally toggle the Save button to include this class when submitting form with:
    // may disable the save button here

After successful response of submission, you remove the "waiting status" on the button or something else


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