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I have developed a web site to show job status of our fax server. I use windows fax service (fxscomex.dll interop). when I am debugging from VS2010 (using development sever), everything is fine, I can read jobs status of, but when I run my web site under IIS, job queue is always empty.

here is my code to check sent items:

FaxOutgoingMessageIterator sentItems = fxServer.Folders.OutgoingArchive.GetMessages(100);
while (!sentItems.AtEOF)

on IIS, sentItems.AtEOF is always true.

Thank you

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I received this answer from forum and it worked!

The identity is different from visual studio and IIS application pool. You can try to change the IIS application pool's identity to be local system or your machine/domain account or event administrator to have a try.

however the other built-in accounts didn't work but when I set the application pool identity to a admin user, it worked.

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