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In our webstart JNLP file, I have removed the shortcut and desktop tag, but when installing the webstart app, it still prompts me if I want to create a desktop shortcut.

So in the information tag it looks like this:

    <title>Dynamic Tree Demo</title>
    <vendor>Dynamic Team</vendor>
    <icon href="sometree-icon.jpg"/>

Is there any way to do this?

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Your best bet is to add query params to the href e.g. if the current value is the.jnlp, make it the.jnlp?a=b. The JWS client will presume it is generated dynamically and will generally not create a desktop shortcut.

I say 'generally' since it is really up to the JWS client & how it is configured.

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thanks. i tried this but it's still creating the shortcut. however i believe this is leading me to the right direction. i'll keep this updated if i can solve this later. –  RoundOutTooSoon Apr 13 '12 at 19:53

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