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categories = Category.objects.all()
t = loader.get_template('index.html')
v = Context({
	'categories': categories
return HttpResponse(t.render(v))


{% for category in categories %}
    <h1>{{ category.name }}</h1>
{% endfor %}

this works great. now im trying to print each company in that category. the company table has a foreign key to the category table

ive tried

{% for company in category.company_set.all() %}

seems django doesn't like () in templates

There's a maze of information on the django site i keep getting lost between the .96, 1.0 and dev version. im running django version 1.0.2

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Just get rid of the parentheses:

{% for company in category.company_set.all %}

Here's the appropriate documentation. You can call methods that take 0 parameters this way.

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son of a... I was looking in the wrong place the past 36 hours. Thanks so much... –  Galen Jun 18 '09 at 19:13

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