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We have people sending non-printable \x86 type of characters in byte array in Java and when we convert it to us-ascii string, it inserts junk character in the acsii text.

Is there a format for string/other way to handle non-printable ascii characters while converting data from formats like EBCDIC to ASCII in java ?

Thanks in advance, JJ

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Strings in Java are UTF-16. How are you doing your conversion from the byte array to the String? Are you simply doing: new String(byteArray, "US-ASCII"); Perhaps this might help: – Emil H Apr 13 '12 at 18:13
If they are really EBCDIC bytes, Java supports three EBCDIC encodings: namely IBM500/Cp500, x-IBM834/Cp834 and IBM1047/Cp1047; you can use one of them to convert EBCDIC bytes to US-ASCII string as suggested by @EmilH. Unrelated solution, you can convert EBCDIC characters to Unicode equivalent as shown in – ecle Apr 14 '12 at 4:08

How would you like to handle them? Replace them with something printable (such as '?')? Remove them entirely? Some other action?

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If you are in the US or "Western Europe" (UK, France, Germany), the character set probably is Windows-1252. Single-byte charset US-ASCII covers 128 characters, single-byte charset Windwos-1252 is a superset covering all 255 characters in the byte range.

Easiest is a translation table for \u0080 - \u00ff. String, as some might be better replaced by several chars, say \u008c by "OE".

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