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i've spend so many time in the net for learning google api v3 from php /mysql but no way.so i begin again asking for validate all the process First my json file, looks like that

{"lat":"46.8529510","lng":"0.5433920","ec_nom":"ANTRAN","ec_type":"ECOLE ELEM","ec_adresse":"PLACE DE L EGLISE","ec_ville":"ANTRAN","ec_cp":"86100"}

all the json file, i've seen looks like

**name[**{"lat":"46.8529510","lng":"0.5433920","ec_nom":"ANTRAN","ec_type":"ECOLE ELEM","ec_adresse":"PLACE DE L EGLISE","ec_ville":"ANTRAN","ec_cp":"86100"}**]**

My code

 $cherch_coordon=mysql_query("SELECT lat, lng,      ec_nom,ec_type,ec_adresse,ec_ville,ec_cp from mouv_0910 WHERE type_nomin='TD' AND oui_mouvement>0  ORDER BY ec_ville ");
$combien=mysql_num_rows($cherch_coordon) ;

  while ($trouv=mysql_fetch_object($cherch_coordon))

          $en_jason=json_encode($trouv) ;
         echo"$en_jason" ;

So is my json file's valid?

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Are the *s part of the JSON? You cannot bold/italicize text inside code blocks. –  Rocket Hazmat Apr 13 '12 at 18:40

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json_encode always prints valid JSON.

{} is for an object, [] is for an array.


name[{"lat":"46.8529510","lng":"0.5433920","ec_nom":"ANTRAN","ec_type":"ECOLE ELEM","ec_adresse":"PLACE DE L EGLISE","ec_ville":"ANTRAN","ec_cp":"86100"}]

Is not valid JSON, or vaid anything for that matter.

Did you mean this (note the () instead of [])?

name({"lat":"46.8529510","lng":"0.5433920","ec_nom":"ANTRAN","ec_type":"ECOLE ELEM","ec_adresse":"PLACE DE L EGLISE","ec_ville":"ANTRAN","ec_cp":"86100"})

This is JSONP, not JSON.

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is my file as it is, is valid on javascript request for google maps marker ou should it have this form name({"lat":"46.8529510","lng":"0.5433920",.....,}) –  user1332221 Apr 13 '12 at 19:12
Yep, your JSON is valid :-) –  Rocket Hazmat Apr 13 '12 at 19:13
THANKS FOR THE SPEED OF THE ANSWER –  user1332221 Apr 13 '12 at 19:18
No problem. :-) –  Rocket Hazmat Apr 13 '12 at 19:18

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