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I am trying to place some text over a button image. I manage to align it center from left to right on the button, but vertical alignment doesn't do the trick for the rest of it. Is there a way in the CSS in order to be able to center that text vertically.

alt text

    background: url('/Content/Images/Blank_Yellow.png') no-repeat;
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It would help if you provided your css and html. –  JasonS Jun 18 '09 at 19:21

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If it is a single line of text, you can set line-height.

<div style="height:50px;background-color:#ccc;">
    <p style="line-height:50px;">test</p>

It is much more difficult to vertically center multiple lines of text.

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Adding line-height to that class in the css worked. Thanks –  A Salcedo Jun 18 '09 at 19:54

Just put the code


in your class.

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You can use margin-top: 5px; or padding-top:5px; (depending on how your div is setup) in the div where you have your text to push it down.


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