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I am attempting to create a Chooser that will enable selection of a Work Product assigned to the selected iteration.

The Chooser created by the code below only displays "There is nothing to display." even though I know there are several User Stories in the iteration.

Commenting out the query specification results in a Chooser that displays 200 Work Products from the entire history of the Project.

    function addChooser() {
        var rallyDataSource = new rally.sdk.data.RallyDataSource('__WORKSPACE_OID__',

        var iterDropdown;
        var wpChooser;

        function onWPSelected(wpChooser, eventArgs) {
        var selectedItem = eventArgs.selectedItem;


        function displayChooser(iterSelectedName) {
        var chooserConfig = {
            type : 'HierarchicalRequirement',
            title : 'Choose a Work Product',
            fetch : 'FormattedID,Name',
            width : 600

        chooserConfig.query = '(Iteration.Name = "' + iterSelectedName + '")';

        wpChooser = new rally.sdk.ui.Chooser(chooserConfig, rallyDataSource);

        function onIterationSelected(dropdown, eventArgs) {
        var selectedName = dropdown.getSelectedName();


        function showDropdown() {
        var iterConfig = {
            rememberSelection : false
        iterDropdown = new rally.sdk.ui.IterationDropdown(iterConfig, rallyDataSource);
        iterDropdown.display(document.getElementById('iterationDiv'), onIterationSelected);

        //Load initial data


I have tried adding the Iteration to the Chooser's fetch attribute, but that has no impact.

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If you look at the request sent to Rally (in Chrome debugger or Firebug) you'll notice it has an extra set of parens:

((Iteration.Name = "My Iteraton"))

Additionally the following error string is returned from the Wsapi:

[Could not parse: Unknown operator ")"]

Looks like this is a bug in our documentation for Chooser. There are some inconsistencies around when and when not to use parens with the query parameter depending on which component you are using. In this case you shouldn't:

chooserConfig.query = 'Iteration.Name = "' + iterSelectedName + '"';

Note you can also use the IterationDropdown's getQueryFromSelected method:

chooserConfig.query = iterDropdown.getQueryFromSelected();

I'll make sure the documentation gets updated to not use parens in the example.

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Thanks for the answer and the suggestion. I figured it was a formatting issue, but I couldn't find the correct combination. In the end I used the IterationDropdown's getQueryFromSelected. It seemed the more elegant solution. Thanks again. –  John Vickers Apr 16 '12 at 14:16

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