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I have been trying some UI stuff on BB devices and I'm a bit confused between setMargin and setPadding functions of the Field class. I know their definitions but I dont get when I'm supposed to use either of one for any field. Any help, examples would be highly appreciated!


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Check my answer to Blackberry field padding question, stackoverflow.com/a/9812241/396949. –  mrvincenzo Apr 14 '12 at 6:30

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Difference between setMargin() and setPadding() will be clear by the fig. below

enter image description here setMargin() sets the margin of one field from the other field as shown in fig.1

and setPadding() increasse the area of the field on which you are setting the padding. As shown in fig.2 the extent of Button2 become increased, while in setMargin(), the extent of field remains same and the spacing between the field become changed.

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