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I have an iOS app I'm writing for the iPad/iPhone. I'm generating a PDF report for printing, and have everything working, where the app will successfully open the generated PDF in QLPreviewController, I am using the following code to open the preview:

// open a preview of the PDF File. 
    QLPreviewController* preview = [[QLPreviewController alloc] init];
    preview.dataSource = self;
    [self presentModalViewController:preview animated:YES];

After the PDF is opened in Preview, you have the standard buttons on the Preview toolbar. The buttons are "Done" and an "Action Button" for printing/opening the pdf in other apps.

I included a screenshot of what I'm talking about.

enter image description here

My question is, is there a quick way to disable/disallow the "Open in 'iBooks'" and "Open In..." options? I want to only allow the user to print the pdf. I know I can send the pdf directly to print without opening preview, but I want to allow the user to preview the pdf prior to printing. So really, I just need to disable the "open in" options. Thanks!

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Yes, it can be done. You need to create a subclass of QLPreviewController and assign your own button to self.rightBarButtonItem in viewWillAppear and viewDidAppear. In addition, your class should listen for UIApplicationDidEnterBackgroundNotification and UIApplicationWillEnterForegroundNotification and do the same thing in the callback method(s) for those notifications.

You can replicate the print button functionality with UIPrintInteractionController.

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