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I'm testing the JQuery Collapsible Plugin in my page using JAWS screen reader, but when I click in the link to show the hidden data and use the p keyword, the next element outside the hidden data is readed.

I tested in Chrome (latest version), Firefox 11 and Internet Explorer 8. Only IE reads correctly the data.

I tried the demo in the link and it works well.

My markup is:

<div class='well' id="dialogDadosFuncionario" aria-describedby="dialogDescription">
  <div role="group" aria-describedby="dialogDescription">
    <h4 id="dialogDescription">
      My Data
    <table summary='My data...'>
<!-- In Chrome and FF this table is readed instead of the table above -->
<table summary='something...'>

And I'm using $('#dialogDescription').collapsible(); to trigger the plugin.

What I'm missing here?

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Can you clarify by the p keyword? I skimmed the Filament link, and I would try the following:

<table summary="My Data">
   <h4 class="...">My Data</h4> <!--use the hide/show classes -->

The caption puts a title on the table. It is not good to give the summary and title the same value, I assume you just did it for example purposes. This will be announced as Table, heading level 4, My data, my data, [continue reading table].

You may need to wrap a div around the <h4> to do the show/hide correctly.

NEW Solution

It looks like you are feeding the function the ID and not an HTML tag. Try: $('h4').collapsible();

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Hi Ryan. Thanks for your response! The p keyword is used to read the next content (in order) of the page. So in my example i was expecting that the screen reader reads "table my data" but reads "table something". If I put a h4 in the caption and use this as collapsible, the plugin breaks and the show/hide don't work for the table. – Sérgio Michels Apr 17 '12 at 18:53
Oh ok, you are expecting the user to use the p hotkey if they are using a screen reader. The p hotkey actually jumps to the next <p> or HTML paragraph tag. Since everything is a table or a <div> in your sample, it will skip everything. Have you tried removing the <h4>? – Ryan B Apr 18 '12 at 14:28
Using p Jaws read the next text, it doesn't need to be a paragraph. In my sample the reader jumps to the second table and I'm trying to make him jump do the first table after the <h4>. – Sérgio Michels Apr 18 '12 at 14:53
Interesting, I wonder if Freedom scientific changed something because it used to ignore all text besides the ones in <P>'s. – Ryan B Apr 18 '12 at 15:31
I've tried your second solution. This don't change anything because is just the way you select the element to be collapsible... – Sérgio Michels Apr 18 '12 at 17:26

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