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Assuming I have a class like this:

class Base { }
class A : Base { }
class B : Base { }
class C : Base { }

And objects like this:

A a = new A();
List<B> bs = new List<B>();
List<C> cs = new List<C>();

Is it possible to create a new list containing references to the other lists (So that changes are reflected in the original items? Such as:

void modifyContents(List<Base> allItems) {
  //modify them somehow where allItems contains a, bs and cs
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You can not add/remove/replace items in the other lists, but modify the items in the other lists.

List<Base> baseList = new List<Base>();
// now you can modify the items in baseList
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  1. Using LINQ Concat() join both lists into the single one IEnumerable<Base>
  2. Then create a new List<Base> instance by passing in constructor previously joined one


class Base
     public string Id { get; set; }

List<B> bs = new List<B>() { new B() };
List<C> cs = new List<C> { new C(), new C() };
var common = new List<Base>(bs.OfType<Base>().Concat(cs.OfType<Base>()));

// bs[0] will be updated
common[0].Id = "1";

// cs[0] will be updated
common[1].Id = "2";

// cs[1] will be updated
common[2].Id = "3";
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