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I am looking to force a submit once a user selects a value for DropDownList as long as it is not 'Custom'. If it is 'Custom' I don't want the form submitted. Instead I would like to have the startingDate and endingDate to show. However, I don't want the startingDate or endingDate to show unless Custom was selected. I am thinking this has to be done with jQuery or JavaScript. Can anybody tell me how to achieve this?

Here is the code I have in the controller to pass the starting date, ending date and list for the drop down to the view:

List<SelectListItem> rangeList = new List<SelectListItem>();
rangeList.Add(new SelectListItem { Text = "Today", Value = "Today" });
rangeList.Add(new SelectListItem { Text = "Yesterday", Value = "Yesterday" });
rangeList.Add(new SelectListItem { Text = "Past 7 Days", Value = "Past 7 Days" });
rangeList.Add(new SelectListItem { Text = "Past 30 Days", Value = "Past 30 Days" });
rangeList.Add(new SelectListItem { Text = "Last Month", Value = "Last Month" });
rangeList.Add(new SelectListItem { Text = "Custom", Value = "Custom" });

ViewBag.rangeList = rangeList;
ViewBag.startingDate = startingDate;
ViewBag.endingDate = endingDate;
ViewBag.specifiedRange = specifiedRange;


I modified my code to show an attempt at adding the script. Below is the code I have in the view now. It is not doing anything.

<script type="text/javascript">
    $("#range").change(function () 
        if ($(this).val() == "Custom") 

@using (Html.BeginForm())
        @Html.DropDownList("specifiedRange", new SelectList(
                    ViewBag.rangeList as System.Collections.IEnumerable, 
                    new { @Id = "range" }))
    <p class = "down">
        Starting Date: @(Html.Telerik().DateTimePicker().Name("startingDate")) 
        Ending Date: @(Html.Telerik().DateTimePicker().Name("endingDate"))
        <input type="submit" value="GO" />
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It's really unfriendly to screenreader users to auto-submit forms like that. –  steveax Apr 13 '12 at 20:22

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Yes it needs to be done with jquery.Something like this:

       if($(this).val() == "Custom")


And class "down" to your <p> that you want to show.

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I know nothing about jquery or javascript. Where do I put the code you have? Is it directly in the view? –  Linger Apr 13 '12 at 20:27
You need to download a jquery library, reference it in your html and then put this inside script tag. Everything is here: jquery.com –  bobek Apr 13 '12 at 20:30
But since you are on mvc3 everything should be already there. You just do <script type="Text/javascript"></script> and put the code I gave you inside this script. –  bobek Apr 13 '12 at 20:38
I modified the question to show what I did. It is not doing anything if I select a value for the drop down list. when viewing the source from the browser I notice that the script is in the body of the page. Is that a problem?\ –  Linger Apr 13 '12 at 21:00
Updated the answer. –  bobek Apr 13 '12 at 21:01

Is this what you are looking for?

$('#specifiedRange').change(function() {
    if($(this).val() !== 'Custom') $(this).closest('form').submit();
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